Our Focus

As independent investment advisors, Valor Asset Management has the luxury of choosing investment tools based on your values, not our earnings. Our fiduciary duty enables us to act exclusively in the best interest of our clients.

Our only agenda is your success, and our only goal is to positively impact your destiny and help you continue a growth strategy with your wealth. We can be flexible and responsive, building a custom plan and portfolio to nurture your wealth. We'll help you make clear choices about the complex financial issues you face, and we'll help you engage with your assets more productively.

Financial & Wealth Planning

Wealth Planning encompasses wealth accumulation, strategy and transfer.

Your plan will reflect the combined professional expertise of us as wealth managers, accountants, tax planners, and estate attorneys.

Investment Management

At Valor, we control investment expenses, are fee conscious, and are transparent.

We are dedicated to providing a high level of service for our clients. We offer customized portfolios for each client’s individual needs and preferences.

Risk Management

You can’t predict your future. But Valor can help you take steps today to prepare for it.

As your advisor, we can help you protect the people who depend on you financially and provide realistic recommendations to reduce your exposure to risk.

Team-Based Solutions

When you work with a member of the Valor team, they do not work alone.

Each of our advisors has the resources and support necessary to dedicate his or her time to your personal success. 

Our Focus